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Master program

In the last few decades quality management applied to goods and services became increasingly important and therefore it provided new career opportunities for business and technical professionals as an industry. It is a known fact that there is a stringent need for qualified managers in this specific field for enabling companies to effectively and efficiently implement the concept of quality into their usual operations developed within their organisations.
The Master in Quality Management is a degree program that shapes skilled graduates as well as experienced managers by providing them a solid knowledge of quality management and other management functions.
The MQM aims to enable students to:
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of a philosophical, analytical and statistical framework that enables an organisation to effectively convey to Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Synthesise the chronological framework beneath which quality and quality assessment developed internationally
  • Acquire and implement an holistic approach to the management of quality systems that includes leadership,
  • strategic planning and human resources management
  • Evaluate and apply different statistical process control techniques used in production and services and effectively apply the tools and techniques of quality improvement
  • Provide an understanding of how marketing, technology, people and information can be utilised to satisfy customer needs in the services sector
  • Identify the importance of quality assurance in TQM and asses the approaches to quality assurance.
  • Prove an appreciation for learning as a lifelong process
The length of the course: The course is normally 4 semesters in length (3 semesters for study and one for dissertation). There are 14 teaching weeks per semester
Recognition: This program is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education
Attendance: Attendance is compulsory. Each subject requires one evening of attendance per week
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