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MARQUARDT’s Design Competition

The competition addresses the undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in master programs of technical faculties at “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu with knowledge in embedded systems.

The competition’s theme for this year (2019-2020) is rain-sensing car wipers. Students will have to build an embedded system application within this automotive context.

The below timeframe will be followed:

Stage1: October 2019

Stage2: November – December 2019

Stage3: December 2019 – April 2020

Stage4: May 2020

Teams must watch for the following deadlines:

Teams registration latest:                                             31 October 2019

Idea presentation latest:                                              31 October 2019

Draft presentation latest:                                             29 November 2019

Selected teams announcement latest:                   13 December 2019

Marquardt kit provided latest:                                   20 December 2019

Intermediate status latest:                                          28 February 2020

Prototype showdown/review latest:                      06 March 2020

Final status latest:                                                            8 May 2020

Final presentation and winners latest:                   15 May 2020

Winners will receive the following e-mobility prizes:

1st prize: 2X Pegas Partizan e-bike


2nd prize: 2X Xiaomi M365 PRO electric scooter


3rd prize: 2X Segway A3 auto-balance electric vehicle


For questions to address, contact Catalin Stan:

Contest details and regulations HERE: